Genus Hippocardia Brown, 1843

Taxon ID: 1245 | 2009-11-16 / 2015-06-26
Belongs to: Hippocardiidae
Sister taxa: Bigalea
Contains: Hippocardia pygmaea
Baltoscandian species (in database): 1

List of Baltoscandian species (may not be complete, up to 1000 species displayed)

  1. Hippocardia pygmaea | Porkuni Stage

Selection of related publications

  • Kröger, 2007. Concentrations of juvenile and small adult cephalopods in the Hirnantian cherts (Late Ordovician) of Porkuni, Estonia
  • Kisselev et al., 1990. Atlas of Upper Ordovician and Silurian molluscs from the nort-western part of East-European platform.
  • Pojeta & Runnegar, 1976. The paleontology of rostroconch mollusks and the early history of the phylum Mollusca

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