Phylum Animalia Incertae sedis

Taxon ID: 8008 | 2013-05-14 / 2013-11-09
Belongs to: Animalia
Sister taxa: Agmata | Pogonophora | Porifera | Cnidaria | Bryozoa | Brachiopoda | Priapulida | Echinodermata | Annelida | Arthropoda | Hemichordata | Chordata
Contains: Baltinema | Estoniadiscus | Mobergellidae | Rukhinellidae | Tentaculita | Marcusodictyon | Onuphionella | Vaccipraticola
Baltoscandian species (in database): 24

List of Baltoscandian species (may not be complete, up to 1000 species displayed)

  1. Anticalyptraea calyptrata | Ludlow → Přidoli
  2. Baltinema rana | Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)
  3. Conchicolites crispisulcans | Wenlock
  4. Conchicolites hosholmensis | Pirgu Stage
  5. Coralloconchus bragensis | Ludlow
  6. Cornulites celatus | Pirgu Stage
  7. Cornulites cellulosus | Jaani Stage
  8. Cornulites gotlandicus | Ludlow
  9. Cornulites semiapertus | Uhaku Stage → Kukruse Stage
  10. Cornulites stromatoporoides | Jaani Stage → Jaagarahu Stage
  11. Marcusodictyon priscum | Tremadocian
  12. Mobergella holsti | Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)
  13. Mobergella radiolata | Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)
  14. Onuphionella agglutinata | Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)
  15. Onuphionella durhami | Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)
  16. Palaeoconchus minor | Vormsi Stage → Porkuni Stage
  17. Palaeoconchus tenuis | Wenlock
  18. Palaeoconchus wilsoni | Ludlow
  19. Rukhinella spinosa | Cambrian
  20. Tentaculites estonicus | Ohesaare Stage
  21. Tentaculites inaequalis | Kaugatuma Stage → Ohesaare Stage
  22. Tentaculites ornatus | Jaani Stage
  23. Tentaculites scalaris | Kaugatuma Stage → Ohesaare Stage
  24. Vaccipraticola ypsilon |

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