Parulrichia inarguta Neckaja, 1966

Synonymy list
1966     Parulrichia inarguta — Neckaja, pp. 31-32, fig. V: 3
1970     Pseudulrichia inarguta (Neckaja), 1966 — Gailite, pp. 25, fig. I 6
1983     Parulrichia inarguta Neckaja — Abushik et Sarv, pp. 112
Selection of related publications
Abushik, A., Sarv, L. 1983. Ostracodes from the Moldovo Stage of Podolia. Lower Paleozoic paleontology of Baltics and Podolia, pp. 101-134.
Neckaja, A. I. 1966. Ostracodes of the Ordovician and Silurian of the USSR (families Schmidtellidae, Rectellidae, Longisculidae and some new species from other families).
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