Ancyrochitina mullinsi Nestor, 2005
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Nestor, V., 2005

Diagnosis. Vesicle cylindro-conical with slightly developed flexure and shoulder. The base is flat or convex and broadly rounded basal edge carries 5ñ8 appendices, branching 4ñ5 times. The neck comprises about half the total length. The oral part of the neck bears very short simple or twice branching and vertically orientated spines. The middle part of the neck is sometimes provided with gently branching solitary spine(s). The aperture is smooth or finely fringed. Vesicle wall is smooth or finely granulated.

Tüüpeksemplari andmed
2005     Ancyrochitina mullinsi sp. nov. — Nestor, V. , lk. 107 , joon. Pl II, fig. 13, 14
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Esinemine proovides (CONOP)
Are 171 borehole : 5 proov(i)
Kolka 54 borehole : 3 proov(i)
Ohesaare borehole : 1 proov(i)
Uulu 345 borehole : 1 proov(i)
Ruhnu 500 borehole : 5 proov(i)
Varbla 502 borehole : 3 proov(i)
Tinuri 818 borehole : 1 proov(i)
Viki borehole : 6 proov(i)
Nurme puurauk : 1 proov(i)