Cruziana rouaulti (Lebesconte, 1883)

Taxon description

Knaust, 2004

Bilobate trace (convex hyporelief) with a shallow median furrow and lateral ridges preserved on a thin-bedded fine-grained sandstone with poorly preserved siltstone laminae. The trace is straight, 23.5 cm long, 1.7 cm wide and 3mm high. Lateral ridges are 1–2mm wide. Its surface is smooth and no clear V-ridges can be seen on either the sandstone or siltstone surface. However, in oblique light, some silty sections of the trace exhibit very indistinct claw scratches that are arranged in more or less the same direction.

Synonymy list
1970     Rouaultia Rouaulti (Lebesconte, 1883) — Crimes , pp. 56 , fig. Pl. 9c
2004     Didymaulichnus rouaulti (Lebesconte, 1883) — Knaust , pp. 11 , fig. 5.8
2014     Cruziana rouaulti Lebesconte, 1883 — Rodriguez-Tovar et al. , pp. 546 , fig. Fig. 6C
2020     Cruziana rouaulti (Lebesconte, 1883) — Meischner et al. , fig. 4C, D,
Selection of related publications
Knaust, D. 2004. Cambro-Ordovician trace fossils from the SW-Norwegian Caledonides. Geological Journal 39, 1, 1-24. DOI:10.1002/gj.941