Camborygma eumekenomos Hasiotis & Mitchell, 1993

Taxon description

Hasiotis & Mitchell, 1993

Diagnosis: Burrow length ranges from 1—5 m, diameters 2-10 cm; at bottom, shaft bifurcates to at least one corridors, two common. Sometimes corridors will exhibit bifurcation. Shaft may exhibit an area of expansion in diameter up to twice the average diameter

Synonymy list
1993     Camborygma eumekenomos — Hasiotis & Mitchell , pp. 307 , fig. 3A
2015     Camborygma eumekenomos Hasiotis and Mitchell, 1993 — Knaust , pp. 482
Selection of related publications
Knaust, D. 2015. Trace fossils from the continental Upper Triassic Kågeröd Formation of Bornholm, Denmark.Annales Societatis Geologorum Poloniae 85 , 3,481–492. DOI:10.14241/asgp.2015.031
Organism groupBiota
Ichnofossil groupIchnofossils
Soft-sediment trace fossils
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