Cyathochitininae Paris, 1981
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List of species
2. Cyathochitina angusta Nõlvak et Grahn, 1993 | Oandu StageNabala Stage
3. Cyathochitina calix (Eisenack, 1931) | Volkhov StageRaikküla Stage
4. Cyathochitina campanulaeformis (Eisenack, 1931) | Kunda StageRaikküla Stage
5. Cyathochitina costata Grahn, 1982 | Rakvere StagePorkuni Stage
6. Cyathochitina giraffa Grahn et Nõlvak, 2010 | Kukruse StageHaljala Stage
8. Cyathochitina jagovalensis Schallreuter, 1981 | Billingen StageKukruse Stage
9. Cyathochitina kuckersiana (Eisenack, 1934) | Lasnamägi StageAdavere Stage
10. Cyathochitina latipatagium Jenkins, 1969 | Haljala StageNabala Stage
11. Cyathochitina patagiata Jenkins, 1969 | Haljala StageNabala Stage
12. Cyathochitina primitiva Szaniawski, 1974 | Hunneberg StageKeila Stage
14. Cyathochitina sebyensis Grahn, 1981 | Aseri StageLasnamägi Stage