Obolidae King, 1846
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List of species
3. Euobolus elegans (Mickwitz, 1896) | Upper Cambrian (old nomenclature)Tremadocian
7. Leptembolon lingulaeformis (Mickwitz, 1896) | Hunneberg StageBillingen Stage
8. Leptembolon recta Gorjansky, 1969 | Leetse Formation
11. Lingulella nitida Gorjansky, 1969 | Hunneberg StageBillingen Stage
12. Obolus apollinis Eichwald, 1829 | Upper Cambrian (old nomenclature)Tremadocian
13. Obolus eichwaldi (Mickwitz, 1896) | Upper Cambrian (old nomenclature)Tremadocian
15. Obolus ruchini Khazanovitch et Popov, 1984 | Baltic Middle Cambrian
16. Obolus transversus (Pander, 1830) | Baltic Middle Cambrian
18. Oepikites fragilis Popov et Khazanovitch, 1989 | Upper Cambrian (old nomenclature)
19. Oepikites koltchanovi Khazanovitch et Popov, 1984 | Middle Cambrian (old nomenclature)