Fossil group: Tabulata
Species Favosites exilis Sokolov, 1952

Selection of related publications

  • Klaamann, 1983. The Tabulate corals of Jaani and Jaagarahu Stages (Wenlockian, Estonia) and their Biozones
  • Klaamann, 1979a. The morphology and geological age of Halysites catenularius (Linnaeus)
  • Klaamann, 1964. Late Ordovician and Early Silurian Favositida of Estonia
  • Sokolov, 1952a. Tabulates from the Palaeozoic of the European part of the USSR. III. Silurian of the Baltic area.

Taxon occurrences on map

Synonymy list

  • Favosites exilis sp. n.: Sokolov, 1952, lk. 38-39, joon. 14:1-2
  • Favosites exilis Sokolov: Klaamann, 1979, lk. 81, joon.
  • Favosites exilis: Klaamann, 1983, lk. 30, joon.

Collection specimens linked to species

Distribution and references

  • Sokolov, 1952a , Jaani lade
  • Klaamann, 1964 Jaani shore , Jaani lade
  • Klaamann, 1983 Paramaja cliff , Jaani lade
  • Klaamann, 1979a Vattenfallet, Visby, Gotland , Sheinwoodi lade