Fossil group: Tabulata
Species Favosites subgothlandicus Sokolov, 1952

Selection of related publications

  • Mõtus & Hints, O., 2007. 10th International Symposium on Fossil Cnidaria and Porifera. Excursion B2: Lower Paleozoic geology and corals of Estonia. Excursion Guidebook
  • Klaamann, 1982. Tabulate communities (Late Wenlock and Ludlow, Gotland)
  • Sokolov, 1952a. Tabulates from the Palaeozoic of the European part of the USSR. III. Silurian of the Baltic area.

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Synonymy list

  • Favosites subgothlandicus sp. n.: Sokolov, 1952, lk. 45-47, joon. 17:1-2

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Identifications of taxon in collection specimens

Distribution and references

  • Sokolov, 1952a , Paadla lade
  • Mõtus & Hints, O., 2007 Kogula new quarry , Paadla lade
  • Klaamann, 1982 Gotland , Wenlock...Ludlow