Fossil group: Brachiopoda
Species Septatrypa (Septatrypa) karlsoa Copper, 2004

Taxon ID: 12105 | 2014-02-05 / 2014-06-11
Belongs to: Septatrypa (Septatrypa)
Sister taxa: Septatrypa (Septartypa) reclinis | Septatrypa (Septatrypa) petesvika | Septatrypa (Septatrypa) subaequalis
Stratigraphic range: Wenlock

Selection of related publications

  • Copper, 2004. Silurian (Late Llandovery-Ludlow) Atrypid Brachiopods from Gotland, Sweden, and Welsh Borderlands, Great Britain [DOI]

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Synonymy list

  • Septatrypa karlsoa n. sp.: Copper, 2004, lk. 127, joon. 26D a-J, text fig. 88-90

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Distribution and references

  • Copper, 2004 Stora Karlsö, Gotland , Wenlock