Fossil group: Ichnofossils
Genus Monomorphichnus Crimes, 1970

Selection of related publications

  • Landing et al., 2007. Global standard names for the Lowermost Cambrian Series and Stage
  • Jensen & Mens, 2001. Trace fossils Didymaulichnus cf. tirasensis and Monomorphichnus isp. from the Estonian Lower Cambrian, with a discussion on the early Cambrian ichnocoenoses of Baltica
  • Mens & Pirrus, 1977. Stratotypes of the Cambrian Formations of Estonia

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Taxon images

Monomorphichnus isp., GIT 176-14
GIT 176-14 Monomorphichnus isp.
Monomorphichnus isp., GIT 428-2
GIT 428-2 Monomorphichnus isp.