Fossil group: Bivalvia
Species Pteronitella retroflexa (Wahlenberg, 1821)

Taxon ID: 13306 | 2015-12-02 / 2015-12-02
Belongs to: Pteronitella
Stratigraphic range: Ludfordian

Selection of related publications

  • Křiž, 2008. A new bivalve community from the lower Ludlow of the Prague Basin (Perunica, Bohemia) [DOI]
  • Kisselev et al., 1990. Atlas of Upper Ordovician and Silurian molluscs from the nort-western part of East-European platform.

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Synonymy list

  • Pteronitella retroflexa (Wahlenberg, 1821): Křiž, 2008, lk. 254, joon.

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Distribution and references

  • Křiž, 2008 Gotland , Ludfordi lade

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Pteronitella retroflexa (Wahlenberg, 1821), TUG 1597-75
TUG 1597-75 Pteronitella retroflexa (Wahlenberg, 1821)
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