Fossil group: Conodonta
Genus Scabbardella Orchard, 1980

Selection of related publications

  • Kaljo et al., 2012b. More about the Ordovician-Silurian transition beds at Mirny Creek, Omulev Mountains, NE Russia: carbon isotopes and conodonts [DOI]
  • Kaljo et al., 2008a. The succesion of Hirnantian events based on data from Baltica: brachiopods, chitinozoans, conodonts, and carbon isotopes [DOI]
  • Viira, 1974. Ordovician conodonts of the East Baltic

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Scabbardella cf. altipes (Henningsmoen, 1948), GIT 573-13
GIT 573-13 Scabbardella cf. altipes (Henningsmoen, 1948)