Fossil group: Chitinozoa
Species Armoricochitina reticulifera (Grahn, 1981)

Taxon ID: 2247 / 2018-11-28
Belongs to: Armoricochitina
Sister taxa: Armoricochitina granulifera
Stratigraphic range: Nabala Stage

Selection of related publications

  • Männik et al., 2015. Integrated Upper Ordovician–lower Silurian biostratigraphy of the Grötlingbo-1 core section, Sweden [DOI]
  • Nõlvak, 2003. Distribution of Ordovician chitinozoans
  • Modlinski et al., 2002a. Chitinozoan biozonation of the Ordovician succession in the borehole Proniewicze IG 1 (NE Poland)

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Synonymy list

  • Cyathochitina reticulifera sp. n.: Grahn, 1981, lk. 33-34, joon. 12:a-c
  • Armoricochitina reticulifera (Grahn): Nõlvak & Grahn, 1993, lk. 256, joon. 3:c

Collection specimens linked to species

Identifications of taxon in collection specimens

Distribution and references

  • Nõlvak, 2003 Ruhnu 500 borehole , Nabala lade None
  • Modlinski et al., 2002a Proniewicze IG 1 borehole , Nabala lade

Taxon images

Armoricochitina cf. reticulifera (Grahn), GIT 688-4
GIT 688-4 Armoricochitina cf. reticulifera (Grahn)
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None, GIT 688-5
GIT 688-5 None
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