Order Sarcinulida Sokolov, 1950

Taxon ID: 318 / 2016-03-09
Belongs to: Tabulata
Sister taxa: Chaetetida | Tetradiida | Favositida | Heliolitida | Auloporida
Contains: Syringophyllidae | Theciidae
Stratigraphic range: Ordovician Devonian | ~ 488,3–354,0 Ma
Baltoscandian species (in database): 24

Taxon overview

Order SARCINULIDA, Middle Ordovician - Devonian. The order contains corals with different shape and structure. It is divided into Syringophyllidae - tabularia communicated by interseptal spaces or by canals and channels (Joon. 1), Billingsariidae - pores are often missing and Theciidae -  walls are often thickened and pores are represented by mural pores or tunnels. They all have short septa. Baltoscandian oldest tabulate corals Eoflecheria and Lyopora from syringophyllids are common in the Oandu Stage of Vasalemma Nordkalk quarry and of the Rummu quarry. Peculiar Sarcinula hemispherical colonies are abundant in Vormsi and Pirgu stages of Hiiumaa shore localities (Sarcinula lata, Sarcinula organum). Massive colonies of Thecia (Thecia confluens) and branching Laceripora (Laceripora cribosa) are found in the Paadla Stage of upper Silurian cliffs and quarries of Saaremaa. 

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