Suborder Favositina Wedekind, 1937

Taxon ID: 323 / 2014-02-21
Belongs to: Favositida
Sister taxa: Alveolitina
Contains: Cleistoporidae | Favositidae | Multisoleniidae | Pachyporidae | Parastriatoporidae | Syringolitidae | Thamnoporidae
Stratigraphic range: Ordovician Permian | ~ 488,3–251,0 Ma
Baltoscandian species (in database): 142

Taxon overview

The suborder FAVOSITINA Middle-Ordovician - Upper-Permian is abundant. Corals are commonly massive spherical or hemispherical or branching, prismatic corallites are communicated by mural or corner pores (Fig. 2). Favositids are common in most localities of East-Estonia. 

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