Genus Marcusodictyon Bassler, 1952

Taxon ID: 5048 | 2013-02-01 / 2017-03-26
Belongs to: Animalia Incertae sedis
Sister taxa: Baltinema | Estoniadiscus | Onuphionella | Vaccipraticola
Contains: Marcusodictyon priscum
Stratigraphic range: Upper Cambrian (old nomenclature)
Baltoscandian species (in database): 1

Selection of related publications

  • Vinn, 2016a. Rare encrusted lingulate brachiopods from the Cambrian–Ordovician boundary beds of Baltica [DOI]
  • Borovko et al., 1989. Organisms uncertain systematic position
  • Kaljo et al., 1986a. The Cambrian-Ordovician boundary in the Baltic-Ladoga clint area (North Estonia and Leningrad Region, USSR).
  • Borovko et al., 1980. A new complex paleontological remains from the bottom of Obolus sandstones of the river Izhora
  • Bassler, 1911b. The Early Paleozoic Bryozoa of the Baltic Provinces.

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Marcusodictyon priscum (Bassler, 1911), TUG 1619-309b
TUG 1619-309b Marcusodictyon priscum (Bassler, 1911)