Fossil group: Ostracoda
Species Leiocyamus apicatus Martinsson, 1956

Taxon ID: 5898 | 2013-02-18 / 2013-04-02
Belongs to: Leiocyamus
Sister taxa: Leiocyamus consimilis | Leiocyamus limpidus | Leiocyamus semirotundus
Stratigraphic range: Jaagarahu Stage Rootsiküla Stage | ~ 427,0–422,7 Ma

Selection of related publications

  • Sarv, 1968. Ostracode familiess Craspedobolbinidae, Beyrichiidae and Primitiopsidae in the Silurian of Estonia
  • Martinsson, 1956a. Ontogeny and Development of Dimorphism in some Silurian Ostracodes

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Distribution and references

  • Sarv, 1968 Ohesaare borehole (149.01-152.43 m) , None
  • Martinsson, 1956a Mulde, Gotland , None