Fossil group: Brachiopoda
Order Protorthida Schuchert et Cooper, 1931

Taxon ID: 87 / 2015-09-21
Belongs to: Rhynchonellata
Sister taxa: Orthida | Pentamerida | Rhynchonellida | Atrypida | Athyridida | Spiriferida
Contains: Skenidioidea
Stratigraphic range: Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature) Devonian | ~ 542,0–354,0 Ma
Baltoscandian species (in database): 8

Visual identification guide (Protorthida)


Selection of related publications

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  • Egerquist & Holmer, 2006. Early-Middle Ordovician (Billingen- Volkhov stages) Orthide and Protorthide brachiopods from the East Baltic [DOI]
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