Fossil group: Graptolithina
Genus Didymograptus McCoy, 1851

Selection of related publications

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Identifications of taxon in collection specimens

Taxon images

Didymograptus hisingeri?, ELM G1:1378
ELM G1:1378 Didymograptus hisingeri?
Didymograptus extensus (Hall,1858), TUG 6-411
TUG 6-411 Didymograptus extensus (Hall,1858)
Didymograptus extensus (Hall,1858), TUG 6-410
TUG 6-410 Didymograptus extensus (Hall,1858)
Didymograptus sp., TUG 1299-138
TUG 1299-138 Didymograptus sp.