Amplexograptus baltoscandicus Jaanusson, 1995

Current taxon is already existed. See initial taxon Amplexograptus baltoscandicus
Taxon ID: 10476 | 2013-09-27 / 2019-02-06
Fossil group: Graptolithina
Belongs to:
1 Other version of taxon: Amplexograptus baltoscandicus
Stratigraphic range: Ülem-Ordoviitsium (within ca. 460.9–443.7 million years)
Synonymy list
1995     Amplexograptus baltoscandicus n. sp. — Jaanusson, pp. 80, fig. fig. 3
2009     Amplexograptus baltoscandicus Jaanusson — Suyarkova & Koren, pp. 5
Selection of related publications
Suyarkova, A. A., Koren', T. N. 2009. Advances in the Ordovician graptolite biostratigraphy of the St Petersburg area, Russia. Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences 58, 1, 3-9. DOI:10.313176/earth.2009.1.01
Jaanusson, V. 1995. Confacies differentiation and upper Middle Ordovician correlation in the Baltoscandian basin. Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Geology 44, 2, 73-86.
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