Normalograptus brevis (Elles et Wood, 1906)

Synonymy list
1906     Climacograptus brevis sp. nov. — Elles & Wood, pp. 192-193, fig. pl. 27, figs 2af, text-figs 125a, b
1912     Climacograptus brevis Elles and Wood — Hadding, pp. 21, fig. pl. 2, figs. 16–18
2017     Normalograptus brevis (Elles and Wood) — Chen, X. et al, pp. 322, fig. B-C, G-H
2020     Pronormalograptus brevis — Maletz et al., pp. 4
Selection of related publications
Ulst, R. 1975. Graptolites from Upper Ordovician Fjäcka Member of Middle Baltic. The Fauna and Stratigraphy of Paleozoic and Mesozoic of Baltic and Byelorussia, pp. 69-84.
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