Orthosphaeridium latispinosum Uutela et Tynni, 1991

Current taxon is already existed. See initial taxon Orthosphaeridium rectangulare

Taxon ID: 10916
Fossil group: Acritarcha
Belongs to: Orthosphaeridium
Other version of taxon: Orthosphaeridium rectangulare
Stratigraphic range: Kukruse StageKeila Stage (within ca. 460.9 – 454.2 million years)
Synonymy list
1991     Orthosphaeridium latispinosum n. sp. — Uutela & Tynni , pp. 103, fig. XXVI:277
2020     Orthosphaeridium rectangulare — Navidi-Izad et al. , pp. 6
Selection of related publications
Uutela, A., Tynni, R. 1991. Ordovician acritarchs from the Rapla borehole, Estonia. Geological Survey of Finland. Bulletin 353, 1-135.
References based on distribution
Occurrence in samples
Rapla borehole  (130 ... 163): 8 sample(s)