Eisenackitina Jansonius, 1964
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List of species
1. Belonechitina intermedia (Eisenack, 1955) | Kuressaare StageKaugatuma Stage
2. Eisenackitina barrandei Paris et Křiž, 1984 | Kuressaare StageKaugatuma Stage
3. Eisenackitina causiata Verniers, 1999 | Adavere StageJaani Stage
5. Eisenackitina dolioliformis Umnova, 1976 | Adavere StageJaani Stage
7. Eisenackitina inanulifera Nestor, 2005 | Adavere StageJaani Stage
8. Eisenackitina invenusta (Wrona, 1980) | Jaani StageOhesaare Stage
12. Eisenackitina lagenomorpha (Eisenack, 1931) | Paadla StageOhesaare Stage
13. Eisenackitina oviformis (Eisenack, 1972) | Kuressaare StageOhesaare Stage
14. Eisenackitina philipi Laufeld, 1974 | Paadla StageKuressaare Stage
15. Eisenackitina rhenana (Eisenack, 1939) | Uhaku StageHaljala Stage
References based on distribution