Osprioneides kampto Beuck et Wisshak, 2008

Taxon description

Beuck et al., 2008a

Diagnosis. Large, straight to irregularly bent, unlined boring of variable length entering the substrate perpendicular to subparallel; cross−section oval; roughly constant oval diameter; terminus tapered to rounded.

Description. From a single oval aperture, the unbranched borings are sharply incised in the dense host skeleton, showing no deflections of the host growth increments, and are filled with a micritic matrix (Figs. 3, 4). The borings enter the substrate in a perpendicular to subparallel manner and follow primarily a straight course but may as well slightly curve or undulate. Individual traces measure up to 120 mm in length with an oval cross−section of averaging 7 (min. 5) × 13 (max. 17) mm in diameter, with a max/min ratio in excess of 2/1. Individual borings have a tapered to rounded terminus. Due to the high−abundance of traces within the sample analysed, borings occasionally truncate each other, occasionally resembling a branching pattern. Neither scratch marks nor any internal lining were observed. An idealised schematic drawing of the trace is given in Fig. 8.

Synonymy list
2008     Osprioneides kampto Beuck and Wisshak, iso. nov. — Beuck et al., pp. 153, fig. 3-8
2010     Osprioneides kampto — Vinn & Wilson, fig. 3
2014     Osprioneides kampto — Vinn et al., fig. 3, 4, 5, 6
Selection of related publications
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