Archiclimacograptus sebyensis (Jaanusson, 1960)

Synonymy list
1960     Pseudoclimacograptus angulatus sebyensis n. subsp. — Jaanusson, pp. 330, fig. IV %-), text fig. 7D
1987     Pseudoclimacograptus (Archiclimacograptus) angulatus sebyensis Jaanusson — Mitchell, pp. 387, fig. 21N,Q
1989     Pseudoclimacograptus (Archiclimacograptus) angulatus sebyensis Jaanusson — Hughes, pp. 70, fig. 3j,k; text fig 23i-j; 28k-l
1997     Archiclimacograptus riddellensis (Harris, 1924) — Maletz, pp. 55
2009     Archiclimacograptus riddellensis (Harris, 1924) — Zhang et al., pp. 325, fig. 5A-B; 8F,M
2015     Archiclimacograptus sebyensis — Goldman et al., pp. 3
2017     Archiclimacograptus sebyensis (Jaanusson, 1960) — Chen, X. et al.,, pp. 307, fig. (Figs. 6-93M–N; 6-94A–B, E–G
Selection of related publications
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Jaanusson, V. 1960. Graptoloids from the Ontikan and Viruan (Ordov.) limestones of Estonia and Sweden. Bulletin of the Geological Institutions of the University of Uppsala 38, 289-366.
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