Petroxestes Wilson et Palmer, 1988

Taxon description

Buatois et al., 2017

2.65. Pouch borings

Knaust, 2012a

Unbranched, groove.

Taylor & Wilson, 2003

Remark: Shallow to deep boring with elongate outline and rounded base.

Wilson & Palmer, 1988

Diagnosis. —Shallow to deep, elongate borings in lithic sub­strates; rounded ends and parallel, slightly convex, or slightly concave sides in plan view; rounded bottoms in longitudinal and transverse section; sides parallel or slightly divergent down­ wards in deeper specimens; length up to 30 mm; several times as long as wide.

Selection of related publications
Vinn, O., Wilson, M. A., Toom, U. 2019. Earliest Petroxestes borings from Sandbian (earliest Late Ordovician) of Northern Estonia. Palaios 34, 10, 453-457. DOI:10.2110/palo.2019.054