Nostolepis gaujensis Valiukevičius, 1998

Synonymy list
1998     Nostolepis gaujensis n.sp. — Valiukevičius, pp. 34, fig. 8:8,9
2008     Nostolepis gaujensis — Märss et al., pp. 221
2018     Nostolepis gaujensis Valiukevičius, 1998 — Pinakhina & Märss, pp. 101, fig. 3A–F, 5A–C
Selection of related publications
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Valiukevičius, J. 1998. Acanthodians and zonal stratigraphy of Lower and Middle Devonian in East Baltic and Byelorussia. Palaeontographica A-248, 1-53.
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