Sedilichnus spongiophilus Müller, 1977 nomen nudum

Taxon description

Wisshak et al., 2015

However, Sedilichnus is nomenclaturally unavail able, because it is an atelonym (conditionally proposed). In addition, reinvestigation of the type material of ‘Sedilichnus’ shows that it probably describes variably shaped oscula and thus is a genuine morphological character of the host sponge Prokaliapsis janus, rather than a bioerosion trace fossil.

Pokorný & Štofik, 2017

Diagnosis: Sedilichnus consisting of smooth-walled, bowl-shaped pits with a circular outline and rounded edge (Zonneveld and Gingras, 2014).

Synonymy list
1977     Sedilichnus spongiophilus — Müller
2014     Sedilichnus spongiophilus Müller, 1977 — Zonneveld & Gingras , pp. 896
2015     part of sponge body fossil — Wisshak et al. , fig. 1A,B
Organism groupBiota
Ichnofossil groupIchnofossils
Bioerosional trace fossils