Dictyoporus Mägdefrau, 1937

Taxon description

Buatois et al., 2017

2.75. Dendritic and rosetted borings

Wisshak, 2017

Emended diagnosis. Radiating, reticulate system of etched channels or prostrate tubular borings at or immediately beneath the surface of calcareous substrates. High degree of anastomosis, leaving only a few peripheral branches blind ending.

Knaust, 2012a

Branched, network.

Selection of related publications
Elias, R. J. 1980. Borings in solitary rugose corals of the Selkirk Member, Red River Formation (late Middle or Upper Ordovician), souther Manitoba. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 17, 2, 272-277. DOI:10.1139/e80-023
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