Abeliella procera Mägdefrau, 1937

Taxon description

Wisshak, 2017

Emended diagnosis. Dichotomous ramification in acute angles and with long internodes. Tunnels of constant diameter and slightly meandering course.

Synonymy list
1937     Abeliella procera — Mägdefrau, pp. 61, fig. pl 5:2
2017     Abeliella procera Mägdefrau, 1937 — Wisshak, pp. 50, fig. 18
Selection of related publications
Elias, R. J., Lee, D-J. 1993. Microborings and growth in Late Ordovician Halysitids and other corals. Journal of Paleontology 67, 6, 922-934. DOI:10.1017/S0022336000025221
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