Sulcichnus Martinell et Domènech, 2009

Taxon description

Buatois et al., 2017

2.78. Elongate or branched attachment bioerosion traces

Knaust, 2012a

Unbranched, branched, groove.

Martinell & Domènech, 2009

Long grooves, sometimes branched, running along the surface substrate sinuously or in a contorted fashion. Grooves never run in parallel, and loose or tight loops may occur.

Selection of related publications
Knaust, D., Dronov, A. 2013. Balanoglossites ichnofabrics from the Middle Ordovician Volkhov formation (St. Petersburg Region, Russia). Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation 21, 3, 265-279. DOI:10.1134/S0869593813030040
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