Tremichnus paraboloides Brett, 1985

Taxon description

Brett, 1985

Diagnosis.--Pits, circular, regularly and smoothly parabolic in cross section; about as deep as wide (depth/diameter ratio: 0.9); ranging in size from 0.1-3.6 mm in diameter (X = 0.95 mm, SD = 0.65, N = 529 pits); up to 100 pits of varying size may occur on a single calyx. Pit apertures sharply demarcated, flush; never beveled or surrounded by a raised rim or gall-like outgrowth, pits rarely associated with vague swelling of the underlying stereom; pits frequently intersecting at borders.

Type specimen data
: Buffalo Museum of Scienc BMS E23971 , , Pits in Icthyocrinus laevis Conrad
Synonymy list
1985     Tremichnus paraboloides — Brett
1985     Tremichnus minutus — Brett
1985     Tremichnus cysticus — Brett
1989     Balticapunctum inchoatus — Rozhnov
2015     Tremichnus paraboloides Brett, 1985 — Wisshak et al., pp. 449
2017     Oichnus paraboloides Bromley, 1981 — Donovan & Pickerill, pp. 828
Selection of related publications
Rozhnov, S. V. 1989. New data about rhipidocystids (Eocrinoidea). Fossil and Recent Echinoderm researches, pp. 38-57.
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