Palaeophycus sulcatus (Miller et Dyer, 1878)

Taxon description

Buckman, 1995

Anastomosing striae

Pemberton & Frey, 1982

Burrows infrequently branched, more or less straight, distinctly sculpted with interwoven small ridges and grooves. Crossovers and interpenetrations are common in some specimens. Matrix adjacent to base of burrow may exibit tensional microfaults. Preserved asendichna near lithologic interfaces or, more commonly, has hypichnal ridges.

Synonymy list
1878     Trichophycus sulcatum — Miller & Dyer, pp. 4-5, fig. 4:5
1970     Fucusopsis sulcatum — Osgood
1982     Palaeophycus sulcatus (Miller and Dyer, 1878) — Pemberton & Frey, pp. 863, fig. 2:2,3
1995     Palaeophycus sulcatus (Miller and Dyer, 1878) — Buckman, pp. 132