Basilicus Salter, 1849

Taxon description

Corbacho, 2011

Diagnosis– (After Jaanusson, 1959) “Only known genus of Asaphinae with marginal position of facial suturein front of glabella. Cephalon surrounded by convex rim;glabella long; preglabellar field narrow; eyes rather large, situated slightly behind transverse mid-line of cranidium; genal angles with spines. Lateral margin of the hypostoma broadly rounded, posterior margin deeply notched. Pygidium with well-defined concave border; inner part of the pygidial pleural fields with strong, rounded ribs; pygidial doublure moderately broad, as in Asaphus”.

Selection of related publications
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List of species
1. Basilicus lawrowi (Schmidt, 1904) | Aseri StageUhaku Stage
2. Basilicus lutsi Öpik, 1927 | Kukruse Stage