Nereites (trace fossil) imbricata Mángano, Buatois, West et Maples, 2000

Taxon description

Mángano et al., 2000

Diagnosis. —Straight, curved to slightly sinuous traces having a median tunnel enveloped by obliquely arranged, arcuate laminae, externally resulting in a uniserial row of imbricated and tightly packed, subspherical to annulate, large sediment pads.

Synonymy list
2000     Nereites imbricata new ichnospecies — Mángano et al. , pp. 154, fig. 3-4
2002     Nereites imbricata Mángano, Buatois, West and Maples, 2000 — Mángano et al. , fig. 39A-F, 40A-F