Ramochitina costata (Umnova, 1981)

Synonymy list
1981     Angochitina costata sp. n. — Umnova, pp. 26, fig. 2:1-3
1994     Gotlandochitina costata (Umnova, 1981) — Nestor, pp. 53, fig. 26:8-9
2010     Ramochitina costata — Loydell et al., pp. 271, fig. 13:j
Selection of related publications
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Nestor, V. 1994. Early Silurian chitinozoans of Estonia and North Latvia.
Nestor, V. 1982. Chitinozoan zonal assemblages (Wenlock, Estonia). Silurian assemblages and biozones in the East Baltic region, pp. 84-96.
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