Rhabdochitina sera Nestor, 2007

Taxon description

Nestor, V., 2007

Diagnosis. Long cylindrical vesicles with convex base, which may be indented. Basal edge is widely rounded or inconspicuous. Mucron wide and button-like. Vesicle wall smooth.

Synonymy list
1987     Rhandochitina sp.A — Schweineberg , pp. 49-50, fig. 3:5,10,11
2001     Rhabdochitina conocephala? — Grahn et Guitierrez , pp. 40, fig. fig. 10J
2007     Rhabdochitina sera sp. nov. — Nestor , pp. 120-121, fig. 10:N
Selection of related publications
Nestor, V. 2007. Chitinozoans in the Wenlock-Ludlow boundary beds of the East Baltic. Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences 56, 2, 109-128.
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