Ctenoceras sweeti Kröger et Isakar, 2006

Taxon description

Kröger & Isakar, 2006

Diagnosis. Ctenoceras with compressed shell. Irregular, widely spaced annulations, with one to two annulations at a length equal to the diameter of the conch, each ridge of the annulations between two subsequent suture lines. Apical angle about 1°. Siphuncular diameter 1/6th of shell diameter

Type specimen data
Synonymy list
2006     Ctenoceras sweeti n. sp. — Kröger & Isakar, pp. 147, fig. 7M,N; 10F,G
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Kröger, B., Isakar, M. 2006. Revision of annulated orthoceridan cephalopods of the Baltoscandic Ordovician. Fossil Record 9, 1, 137-163. DOI:10.1002/mmng.200600005
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