Palaeodawsonocerina senckenbergi (Teichert, 1930)

Taxon description

Kröger & Isakar, 2006

Diagnosis. Straight, slightly compressed with very low apical angle of approximately 1––2. Adult dorsoventral dia-meter approximately 25 mm, with five to six annulations at adistance that equates to the corresponding shell diameter inadult specimens. Annulations straight or very slightly obliquetoward the growth direction and regularly spaced. Very finegrowth lines, about 50 per cycle of annulations. Very finelongitudinal striae or raised lines, about five to sevenper mm. Suture line at the ridges of the annulations. Parallelsutures and annulations. Siphuncle central, slightly expandedwithin the chambers. Septal perforation about 0.07 of theshell diametre

Type specimen data
SMF IX 426a ,
Synonymy list
1930     Spyroceras senckenbergi n. sp. — Teichert, pp. 280, fig. 5:3,4
1984     non Spyroceras senckenbergi — Dzik, pp. 122, 125, fig. 35:5; text fig. 48a, 49.20
2006     Palaeodawsonocerina senckenbergi (Teichert, 1930) — Kröger & Isakar, pp. 154, fig. 8a, 10i,12d-e,h
2013     Palaeodawsonocerina senckenbergi (Teichert, 1930) — Kröger, pp. 34, fig. 12A, 18C
Selection of related publications
Kröger, B., Isakar, M. 2006. Revision of annulated orthoceridan cephalopods of the Baltoscandic Ordovician. Fossil Record 9, 1, 137-163. DOI:10.1002/mmng.200600005
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