Gorbyoceras textumaraneum (Roemer, 1861)

Taxon description

Kröger & Isakar, 2006

Diagnosis. Gorbyoceras with slightly cyrtoconic adult body chamber, shell slightly compressed, and relatively large adult size of more than 40 mm in cross section. Slightly irregularly spaced annulations, approximately three at the distance equal to the diameter. Approximately 35 irregularly spaced longitudinal ridges around the entire circumference of the shell. Approximately 15 growth lines between two successive ridges of annulations. Sutures straight, nearly transverse, one suture at each groove of the annulations. Siphuncle eccentric in juvenile, subcentral in more adult growth stages, septal perforation approximately one tenth of the diameter of the shell.

Type specimen data
UWR 1464s ,
Synonymy list
1861     Orthoceras textum-araneum — Roemer, pp. 58-59, fig. 7;3a,b
1889     Orthoceras textum-araneum — Rüdiger, pp. 52
1930     Spyroceras textum-araceum (Ferd. Roemer) — Teichert, pp. 280, fig. 5:6
1962     Spyroceras textum-araneum — Balashov, pp. 108, fig. 48:1
1984     Gorbyoceras textumaraneum — Dzik, pp. 121, 125, fig. 35:4; text fig. 49.15
2006     Gorbyoceras textumaraneum (Roemer, 1861) — Kröger & Isakar, pp. 158, fig. 8C, 10C,D; 12A,B
Selection of related publications
Teichert, C. 1930. Die Cephalopoden-Fauna der Lyckholm-Stufe des Ostbaltikums. Paläontologische Zeitschrift 12, 3/4, 264-312. DOI:10.1007/BF03044452
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