Baltisphaeridium dubium Volkova, 1968

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1968     Baltisphaeridium dubium — Volkova, pp. 18, fig. I 8-9, IX 6
1971     Baltisphaeridium dubium Volkova — Fridrichsone, pp. 8, fig. I 4,5
Selection of related publications
Fridrichsone, A. 1971. Acritarchs Baltisphaeridium and Hystrichosphaeres (?) from the Cambrian sediments of Latvia. Palaeontology and stratigraphy of the Baltic and Byelorussia, III, pp. 5-17.
Volkova, N. A. 1968. Acritarcha of Precambrian and Lower Cambrian deposits of Estonia. Trudy GIN AN SSSR 188, 8-36.
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