Timofeevia estonica Volkova, 1990
Synonymy list
1990     Timofeevia estonica Volkova, ер. nov. — Volkova , pp. 84 , fig. 9:4,5
Selection of related publications
Paalits, I. 1992. Upper Cambrian acritarchs from boring core M-72 of North Estonia. Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Geology 41, 1, 29-37. DOI:10.3176/geol.1992.1.04
Volkova, N. A. 1990. Мiddle and Upper Cambrian acritarchs in the East-European platform. pp. 1-115. Nauka.
References based on distribution
  • Volkova, 1990   Ülgase outcrop   Upper Cambrian (old nomenclature)