Desmochitinidae Eisenack, 1931
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List of species
3. Belonechitina intermedia (Eisenack, 1955) | Kuressaare StageKaugatuma Stage
7. Bursachitina nana (Nestor, 1994) | Adavere StageJaani Stage
10. Calpichitina acollaris (Eisenack, 1959) | Jaani StageJaagarahu Stage
11. Calpichitina complanata (Eisenack, 1932) | Kunda StagePirgu Stage
12. Calpichitina densa (Eisenack, 1962) | Adavere StageJaani Stage
14. Calpichitina lata (Schallreuter, 1963) | Haljala StageVormsi Stage
15. Calpichitina lecaniella (Eisenack, 1965) | Kukruse StageHaljala Stage
17. Calpichitina opaca (Laufeld, 1974) | Adavere StageJaani Stage
19. Calpichitina velata (Wrona, 1980) | Kaugatuma StageOhesaare Stage
20. Cingulochitina baltica Nestor, 1994 | Jaagarahu StagePaadla Stage