Pterygolepis nitida (Kiaer, 1911)

Synonymy list
1911     Pterolepis nitidus nov. gen. et sp. — Kiaer, pp. 18-19
1920     Pterygolepis — Cossmann, pp. 83
1924     Pterolepis nitidus Kiærr — Kiærr, pp. 135, fig. 1-7, text fig.12,14-19,26a,27-31,34a,35,47,48a
1957     Pterygolepis nitida (Kiærr) — Smith, fig. 5:3; 6
2002     Pterygolepis nitida (Kiærr, 1911) — Blom et al., pp. 284
Selection of related publications
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Blom, H., Märss, T., Miller, C. G. 2002. Silurian and earliest Devonian birkeniid anaspids from the Northern Hemisphere. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Earth Sciences 92, 3, 263-323. DOI:10.1017/S0263593300000250