Coccosteus markae Obrucheva, 1962

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1962     Coccosteus markae — Obrucheva, pp. 81-89, fig. IV 8-10; V 1-6; text fig. 22,23,24,25
1966     Coccosteus markae O. Obrucheva, 1962 — Obrucheva, pp. 156, fig. I 1,2,3,4; text fig 1,3
2000     Dickosteus? markae O. Obr. — Mark-Kurik, pp. 316
Selection of related publications
Obrucheva, O. P. 1966. New facts concerning the coccosteids (Placodermi) from the Baltic Devonian. Palaeontology and stratigraphy of the Baltic and the Byelorussia. Number I (VI), pp. 151-189.
Obrucheva, O. P. 1962. Pancirnye ryby devona SSSR (kokkosteidy i dinihtiidy).
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