Treptichnus pedum (Seilacher, 1955)

Taxon description

Hammersburg et al., 2018

Diagnosis.—Treptichnus burrow system consisting of subhorizontal, straight to curved primary burrow with multiple successive burrow segments branching off in regular intervals (Fillion & Pickerill, 1990; Jensen, 1997).

Hofmann et al., 2012

Remarks.—Treptichnus is interpreted as a fodinichnion made by vermiform animals (Buatois et al., 1998). Recent neoichnologic work has convincingly argued for a priapulid origin for Treptichnus pedum (Vannier et al., 2010). Originally described as Phycodes pedum (Seilacher, 1955), Jensen (1997) referred this ichnospecies to Treptichnus whereas Geyer and Uchman (1995) placed it in Trichophycus. The type specimen (Seilacher, 1955, p. 387, fig. 4a) shows branching at the end of the burrow system resulting in a sickle-shaped appearance. Jensen (1997) included more irregular branching patterns with curved to highly winded courses and alternating or single sided segments. The proposal by Jensen (1997) became generally accepted (e.g., Seilacher et al., 2005; Seilacher, 2007; Vannier et al., 2010). Although the scarcity and incomplete nature of the Hanneh specimens prevent from a definite assignment, the overall morphology corresponds with descriptions by Jensen (1997).

Synonymy list
1955     Phycodes pedum — Seilacher, pp. 386, fig. 23: 6-7; 25.3
1970     Phycodes pedum — Seilacher, pp. 120, fig. figure at lower left corner
1972     Phycodes pedum — Germs , fig. 7-8
1979     Phycodes pedum Seilacher, 1955 — Palij et al., pp. 73, fig. 58:5
1981     Trichophycus pedum — Rust, pp. 173-175
1982     Phycodes cf. P. pedum Seilacher — Crimes & Germs, pp. 901, fig. 2:9
1983     Phycodes pedum — Fritz et al.
1983     Phycodes pedum Seilacher, 1955 — Shen & Sudan, fig. II f
1983     Phycodes pedum (Seilacher, 1955) — Palij et al.
1985     Phycodes aff. P. pedum Seilacher — Nowlan et al, pp. 235, 239, fig. 5A
1989     Phycodes pedum Seilacher, 1955 — Orłowski, pp. 219-220, fig. 15:4,5
1997     Treptichnus pedum (Seilacher, 1955) — Jensen, pp. 92, fig. 62B
2007     Trichophycus pedum — Landing et al., pp. 288
2018     Treptichnus pedum (Seilacher, 1955) — Hammersburg et al., pp. 41, fig. Fig. 23.1
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