Megadonichthys kurikae Vorobyeva, 2004

Type specimen data
Synonymy list
2000     Megadonichthys kurikae Vorob. in litt. — Mark-Kurik, pp. 317
2009     Megadonichthys kurikae Vorobyeva, 2004 — Zupinš, pp. 58
Selection of related publications
Vorobyeva, E. I. 2004. Subclass Crossopterygii. Fossil vertebrates of Russia and adjacent countries. Agnathans and early fisches. The reference book for palaeontologists and geologists, pp. 272-372.
Mark-Kurik, E. 2000. The Middle Devonian fishes of the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia) and Belarus. Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg 223, 309-324.
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