Lovenicystis angelini (Jaekel, 1899)

Synonymy list
1899     Apinocystites angelini n. sp. — Jaekel, pp. 282, fig. XIV:5-7
1945     Lovenicystis angelini (Jaekel, 1899) — Regnéll, pp. 92, fig. 3:4-11, text fig. 11-16
Selection of related publications
Regnéll, G. 1945. Non-Crinoid Pelmatozoa from the Paleozoic of Sweden. A taxonomic study. Meddelanden från Lunds Geologisk-Mineralogiska Institution 108, 1-255.
Jaekel, O. 1899. Stammesgesihichte der Pelmatozoen. Erster Band. Thecoidea und Cystoidea.
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